Our goal is to help and guide you in meeting your oral health goals as well as in overcoming any fears you might have. We are ready to address any concerns or questions regarding your trip and dental procedures. Smile method for all is here to take care of you by paying attention to details that we know will make a huge difference. Caring for you is the core premise at SM4 dental group.

We’ve built a wonderful team at Smile Method for All with individuals who are warm, kind, friendly, caring, and completely devoted to providing the highest level of care and attention to our patients. Every patient is important to us and we enjoy learning about their life, family, and interests, but most importantly, their dental needs.

We have over 7 dentists who specialize in various fields of dentistry.



As a graduate of the Autonomous University of Baja California (UABC), Dr. Arturo Mendez Valencia started his career in the dental field with a bachelor's degree as a Doctor of Dental Surgery and has always been enthusiastic about learning. His education continued with his entrance into the International Academy of Dental Implantology in 2012 and earning his Residency as an Implantologist, which took him on a journey of more than 13 years of experience as an Oral Surgeon and a variety of accreditations.


I began in the world of Odontology at the age of 18 studying a career to be a dental hygienist in Murcia, Spain. While studying this I realized that the dental world was my passion. I started working in the area and decided to study Odontology at the University of Montemorelos, Mexico.

While a student at the university, and working on completing my Bachelors, I had the opportunity to travel to places such as the Dominican Republic, Spain and Mexico to attend many Dental CE Courses implemented by recognized specialists.

Following a two-year journey filled with knowledge, wisdom and gratitude, I returned to Tijuana, Mexico to continue my professional development as a dental surgeon in the advanced area of surgery at the GDIA Institute. During this period I also completed a certification in functional and advanced aesthetics at OM Dental Education by Dr. Roberto Otero & Oral Rehabilitation at EVAO. All of this is with the intention of offering my patients nothing but the best service and treatment and to truly see them smile which is the greatest gratification any Doctor can receive.


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